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Furnishing your promo vehicle?

We get it. You only want to send out your promoteam in the most personalized, attention capturing vehicle. You might be in search for the most original, perfect transportation device. Say, a Vespa Ape, go cart or truck? No problem. Plug n' Play is your expert in rebuilding, constructing and fine tuning of promo vehicles.

Which product do you aim to promote?

Whether you’ll be cycling, driving, walking or sailing… Plug n' Play focusses on brand activation on a personal level. Together, we go over your concept and ideas to empower your products and company. We are your reliable partner, supporting your sales and marketing team.

Large, larger, largest

An enormous bow on top of a Mini, a large can of soda on a pick-up truck, a lifesize moose on your car roof or a pimped carrier cycle? Check! Plug n' Play creates lightweight blow ups that are easily installed and removed on all types of vehicles. Remember, our private studio is specialized in the creation of your personalized 3D objects.

Where can Plug n' Play help you with?

  • Personalizing and tuning of vehicles (cars, bicycles, bikes, Vespa, go carts…)
  • Personalized sampling carts
  • Car roof advertisement: construction/ reconstruction with 3D objects
  • Furnishing promo vehicles, trucks and vans
  • Applying total vehicle graphics
  • Installation of 3D blow ups to vehicles
  • Installation of storage space for samples, products and flyers
  • Pitching your wildest ideas

Why call Plug n' Play?

From bicycle to truck, long board to Vespa Ape, we turn your advertisement fantasies to reality and add your eye catching vehicle to the street image. We are able to work within short timeframes, so whether short or long term projects: Plug n' Play is your craftsman.

Looking for an original promo vehicle?

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