Do you want a stand, food truck or container for a festival or outdoor event? Do you want to make your stand design the eye catcher of the festival meadow? Yes! Plug n' Play takes care of all your outdoor settings and is your sparring partner to think creatively about your original event ideas.

Rent or buy a festival stand, foodtruck or outdoor booth?

So you need a stand, foodtruck or container for a festival or other outdoor event, but you aspire a tad more than an ordinary tent or banner? We get it. Plug n' Play takes care of your outdoor stand and acts happily as your advisor and partner to explore your event ideas. We love to assist with the creation of a head turning concept that is within reach on a financial and constructive level. 

Ready for our W-questions?

Who or what you’d like to reach, what type of appearance you aim for, what activities take place at your stand, what you’ll practically need (water, electricity,  appliances, furniture…), and which wow-effects would you like to radiate into the world? Plug n' Play keeps a realistic view on your enterpise and focusses on brand activation & buzz marketing. Welcome visitors! 

Design? Check! Ready to construct!

When the light turns green on your plans, and we’ve come to financial agreements, Plug n' Play dives into the studio. We reconstruct and personalize an existing container or foodtruck, or start construction from scratch. Furnish a container into a VIP champagne lounge, transform a plain tent into an old fashioned bar, or build a scaffold into a fairy-like stage, our team won’t shun a challenge!

Where can Plug n' Play help you with?

  • Design and construction of festival and outdoor stands
  • Furnishing and personalizing festival stands, foodtrucks, event booths, containers and scaffol
  • Paint, varnish, coat, graphics, lettering, lighting…
  • 3D logos and letters, blow ups, banners, full color panels...
  • Production, furnishing, transport, construction, deconstruction, storage of stands
  • Design and construction of concepts with quality materials
  • Logistic and technical sollutions 
  • Pitching your wildest ideas...

Why call Plug n' Play

Choose us for our 360°, out-of-the-box approach and our technical capacities, because we construct every detail personally in our private studio in Boortmeerbeek. We happily take responsibility for production and construction of your foodtruck, festival- or event stand. And when you’re ready to sit back and relax after your successful event, we’ll be there for deconstruction, transportation, storage, maintenance, and repair. Let’s do this together!

Want to Create, buy or rent a festival stand or food truck?

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