Experienced décor builder . 3D design and construction. Videomapping, personalized décor. Your experienced partner for tv, film, commercials, galleries, amusement parks. Private studio & advertisement

Designing, building or buying a décor?

Searching for unique furnishment and show elements for your décor? Plug n' Play constructs creative designs and personalized plans for film décors, tv, commercials, fashion shows, photo shoots, showrooms, display windows, exhibitions, galleries, amusement parks etc.  

Wanted: construction of qualitative & creative décor


Décors are often playful, creative and colorful, yet need to be light, easy to handle, durable and budget-friendly. Well, isn’t that just Plug n' Play’s strongest quality? We start with a moodboard, create a look & feel that perfectly matches your idea and respect your budget to avoid unwelcome surprises.

A lifesize Oscar sculpture or a tiny décor flower? 


Think it and we build it. Really, we love a challenge. For the construction of décors and furnishing, we combine our experience and expertise with our high-end machinery. We work only with quality materials and are known for our detailed finishing touch. 

Where can Plug n' Play help you with?

  • Design and construction of décors
  • Separate décor furnishing, 3D objects, blow ups
  • Reproduction of statues and original sculptures 
  • 3D styrofoam, 3D commercials, construction for videomapping
  • For diverse sectors: film, tv, commercials, fashion shows, events, photo shoots, showrooms, display windows, galleries, exhibitions, amusement parks…
  • Painting, airbrushing, coating and spraying of 3D objects
  • Pitching your wildest ideas

Why call Plug n' Play ?

Over the years, Plug n' Play has built a sound reputation for our professional advise and assistance throughout production and construction, and honest price – quality ratio. That’s not just what we aspire to claim, but what our customers confirm. We have all the know-how under one roof to create complex 3D objects, but are also excited to focus our passion on smaller event décors. 

Looking for a professional stage builder?


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