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Project creation and design | Event Support

Advertising agencies and marketing companies can contact us to turn any vision or idea into reality. Our team is most qualified to build your exposition stands, the set for your television show. We will take care of the decoration for any event you want to organise. Just contact us to have your creative ideas turned into reality. Nothing is impossible, anything you imagine, Plug n Play will create it for you from start to finish!

Why choose Plug n Play ?

  • Because we do not work with subcontractors
  • Because the full process is done in our own workshop so that your sharp and pressing deadlines can be met.
  • Because every step of the process is accurately followed and executed :
    The lay-out department and technical drawings
    The carpentery section
    The welding department
    The plastics will be cut and moulded to any size, shape or form you require
    The painting department will give the finishing touches to your projects


Check out our projects and find out more!