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Adding a fine décor to your exhibition?

Plug n' Play analyses your gallery or exhibition hall, runs through every detail of practical possibilities and explores your wishes and ideas. You and I are Batman and Robin in building a bridge between the message you wish to convey and the spacial presentation. Our professionals view your ideas from the perspective of production, creativity and technical know-how.

Enter the world of digital wonderland

Bring your décor to life, thanks to new and innovating techniques like audiovisual support, miltimedia or LED lighting. Create an extra dimension through inspiring constructions, or invest in eye catchers and pop up installations who are constructed and deconstructed fast and easy.

Where can Plug n' Play help you with?

  • Develop, construct and install décor and interior
  • Adapt fixed or movable furnishment to available space
  • Construction in various materials (wood, metal, plexi, dibond…)
  • 3D creations featuring objects, people, animals, logos, letters…
  • Integration of touch screens, projection walls, ipads, televisions, videomapping…
  • Constructing standard and original information boards
  • Integrating or disposing of unwelcome spacial elements
  • Pitching your wildest ideas

Why call Plug n' Play? 

Plug n' Play’s team holds the experience, expertise and creativity to lift your gallery or exhibition to a higher level. Construction is entirely up to our professional team and happens under our roof and watchful eye, up to the details of the finishing touches. We deliver only the highest quality through use of the most durable materials, able to withstand extensive use. Plug n' Play is your choice for ultimate craftsmanship. 

More info about our know-how?

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