Exhibition stand, rent or buy exhibition stand. Design, concept, production, décor, displays. Exhibition stand builders with ten years experience, fast, efficient & quality.

Aim to build or buy a striking exhibition stand?

Searching for a catchy display stand, a mobile exhibition background or completely furnished state-of-the-art exhibition stand? Welcome to Plug n' Play: your experienced builder with expertise and passionate motivation to start construction today.

Already have a design? 

We’re already rolling up our sleeves to get started in our studio where we shape, mill, weld and coat your vision into tangible reality. Whether you are aiming for a simple but powerful expo stand or a premium exhibition stand with all the details you envision, Plug n' Play constructs your ultimate eye catcher.


Got ideas but no design?

No problem. Our creative team sits down to talk about your ideas, browse through our portfolio, offer advice, draw sketches and come up with a presentation suited to your budget. In other words, Plug n' Play is happy to assist you from start to finish, including design, production, construction and furnishing of your exhibition stand.


Where can Plug ‘n Play help you with?

  • Exhibition stands, mobile backgrounds, expo displays, blow ups
  • Exhibition stand design, production, construction, furnishing, deconstruction, transport, storage
  • Production in various materials: wood, steel, plexi, aluminium, styrofoam …
  • Paint, spray, coat, varnish, lettering, vehicle graphics …
  • Furnishing, 3D letters & logos, matching furniture, lighting … 
  • Reconstruction/ redesign/ adjustment of existing exhibition stands
  • Design & concept support for exhibition stands
  • Buying or renting pop up containers & exhibition stands
  • Pitching your wildest ideas
  • ...

Why call Plug ‘n Play?

Well, not everyone enjoys the possibilities of a private studio in Rumst with high-end machinery and a strictly professional team. We deliver only high quality and stick to clear communication and close follow-up. From concept to realisation, construction to storage, Plug n' Play is your full-service exhibition stand builder. An eco-friendly exhibition stand decorated with cute daisies, or a hightech expo stand with digital details? We’re excited to hear your ideas! 

Build, buy or rent an exhibition stand?

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