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Put your brand on the world’s stage

How to introduce consumers to your product? Place your bets on hearing, feeling, seeing, tasting and smelling. Use our five senses to capture your audience. Trust in Plug n' Play as your partner to deliver personalized promo and pos material, and offer mobile sollutions for a captivating presentation of your brand.

Let’s talk about your products

Building your brand identity requires clear, finetuned brand activation. You introduce your product to its audience through sampling and promotions, and Plug n' Play takes care of the icing on the cake using attractive banners, displays, 3D blow ups, vehicle graphics etc.

Let’s take a ride on the wild side


Need original transportation devices? We’ve got it. Plug n' Play happens to be specialized in the construction of mobile displays, promo cars, promo bikes, personalized  carrier cycles, billboards, coolwagons, foodtrucks, rebuilt go carts & long boards… Plug n' Play sends your promo team off on duty in a head turning vehicle. 

Where can Plug n' Play help you with?

  • Reconstructing promo vehicles, promobikes…
  • Reconstructing sampling backpacks, go carts, long boards…
  • Vehicle graphics, sandwich signs, billboards…
  • Personalizing sampling trucks, foodtrucks, promo cars…
  • 3D lettering, logos, installing products on promo vehicles, trailers…
  • Mobile displays and stands for sampling & tasting
  • Pitching your wildest ideas

Why call Plug n' Play?

Our Plug n' Plays craftsmen focus on detail and result. We are well known for our refined production abilities, and respecting deadlines and budgets. Every one of our finished products is durable and able to withstand rough handling. Plug n' Play's goal is to bring your audience closer to you.

Looking for a sparring partner for your brand activation?

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