Searching for an affordable alternative to 3D printing?

The world of 3D printing has evolved greatly during the past few years. We are on the verge of printing grand designs, but often and unfortunately at a high price. To bring 3D printing closer to you, Plug n' Play offers a perfect and budget-friendly alternative to shape 3D sculptures and prototypes by hand or machine. 

A styrofoam sculpture? Welcome to 3D foam art!

Our craftsmen and machines are able to shape any object with the greatest sense of detail. Plug n' Play knows no limits concerning shapes or sizes. We cut, shape, mill, model, coat, color, airbrush and create your 3D object from scratch tot blow-your-mind finish. Styrofoam is light in weight, easy to handle and firm thanks to our professional coating, assuring to deliver an object resistant to handling and weather elements. 

Looking for an out-of-the-box 3D design?

We’ll join you in your out-of-the-box thinking! We get to work using wood, metal, styrofoam, pur etc, to copy your product or object identical to the original. We even have our own creative sculptor ready to apply his artistic and personal finishing touch. Enlarge your product, object or logo and create a marketingstunt with a lasting impression.

Where can Plug n' Play help you with?

  • Constructing blow ups of furniture, products, objects
  • Production of 3D letters, 3D logos, 3D objects
  • Product enlargements to install on promotion vehicles
  • Reproduction or production of artworks
  • 3D event marketing 
  • Quality materials (styrofoam, airpop, tempex,...)
  • Affordable alternative to 3D printing
  • Pitching your wildest ideas

Why call Plug n' Play?

Because we already got started to present you with professional craftsmanship, resulting in your personalized product. We hold the expertise and technical know-how to create your mindblowing blow up. We work within limited time schedules and use only high quality, durable materials. Too, we are proud to install your finished product at your location and offer storage afterwards. Need help with maintenance and repairs? We got your back.

Printing, creating or buying a 3D blow up?

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