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Welcome to Plug ‘n Play

Our enthusiastic team of around twenty passionate professionals is excited to turn your creative and graphic designs into reality through expertise and technical know-how. Our fulfillment lies in the production of innovating design, whether for exhibition booths, pop up containers, foodtrucks, mobile displays, promo vehicles, décor construction, 3D concepts…. Think it, design it, and we build it in our workplace of 3000 in Rumst. Our high-end machines combined with our willpower and brains never fails to meet (y)our goals. 

Who do we work for?

Since 2008, Plug ‘n Play has worked closely with small and large companies, marketing agencies, event managers, production houses, festival and exhibition agencies, and basically anyone who aims to boost commericial activities. Our portfolio is filled with reassuring references of national and international customers, who appreciate our personal approach and flexibility, our no-nonsense attitude and the quality we deliver within set time frames. 

Can you make this?

Without a doubt, this is the most frequently asked question directed to us. Of course we can make this! Our door and mailbox are always open to any of your wild ideas. We love to explore ways to combine our competence with your designs, so we can bring your puppet to life. You are welcome to come by and meet our team, which houses passionate and hard working members who nail the art of welding, milling, sawing, shaping, boring, carpenting, coating, painting and way much more.


Plug ‘n Play, how may we assist you? 

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